Why IFS Italy

The knowledge and security of twenty years of experience

The European cross-border postal shipment market has opened up and IFS has been able to take advantage of this important opportunity.

In fact, IFS Italy is a highly specialized international operator in postal services and Fulfillment for e-commerce.

Twenty years of experience in the field results in economic advantages and efficiency for customers. In addition, thanks to our own general postal licence from the Ministry of Communications, IFS Italy becomes a highly reliable partner for you.

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Save up to 40% on shipping costs

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How IFS Italy works

IFS Italy is a leading company in the postal sector as well as e-commerce and has developed an extensive network of suppliers and postal couriers. The first users were publishers, banks, universities, and direct marketing agencies, following were companies that sell their products through e-commerce.

Today, any company that has to work with foreign countries can profitably use IFS services with savings of up to 40% of the costs.

IFS Italy srl is part of a group that has operation centers not only in Italy but also in the United States, England, France, and Spain.