The innovative IFS Italy Fulfillment & e-commerce system

With a great strengthening and development of its international postal logistics, IFS Italy targets the e-commerce market with an innovative "modus operandi": the integration of express courier services with T&T postal services born for the e-commerce market.


IFS Italy's goal is to guarantee its customers a continuously innovative and reliable performance.

  • Ideal service for e-commerce: low cost but trackable
  • A mix between postal services and express couriers with non-EU customs procedures that are simpler and less costly for the recipient
  • Tracking through the IFS Italy website, with a wide range of search features
  • Service available around the world
  • Reduced costs: up to 50% less than express mail services
  • Refunds in case of loss: CMR convention
  • Management orders via API

The system

Deliveries made with a tracking system.
IFS Italy has a large daily logistics flow of correspondence in different countries around the world.
Once the country of destination is reached, the individual deliveries of this new service, are carried out with trackable postal services or through local couriers.
In the rest of the world, IFS works with postal courier systems who have tracking systems.


From the pickup to the compilation of customs documents.

  • Pickup: IFS can pick up anywhere in Italy with a 24-hour notice. Our customers can also deliver the goods directly c/o our International Service Center in Paderno Dugnano (MI)
  • Preparation: the packages must be addressed and identified with a serial number or bar code
  • Data transmission: File format .txt or .xls files to be sent to IFS Italy with ref. customer, recipient, address, and weight
  • Customs documents: CN22 (goods not for sale); CN23 + invoice (goods for sale)

In short, we offer a trackable inexpensive alternative to express courier channels.