The unique IFS Italy postal system

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we have direct zaccess to agreements between international, postal, and courier operators, and we can work with the three different distribution channels.

We also manage Cross-Border Mail: we are, in fact, available in 5 countries with reliable partners.

International Contracts

IFS Italy has contracts with various postal administrations, including Deutsche Post (AG), Belgian Post, Royal Mail, Asendia Post, and Swiss Post.
These agreements allow for international mailing discounts. The system is mainly used for direct mail and other types of mail (leaflets, brochures, and catalogs).

esempio Contratti internazionali

Private Direct Entry

IFS Italy is able to fully cover the entire postal network using private agencies with door-to-door service in some European capitals.
This system is especially beneficial for publications that are aimed at ompanies (e.g. financial reports, budgets, technical publications for companies, etc.)

esempio Private Direct Entry

Postal Direct Entry

IFS Italy delivers mail directly to the country of destination using local postal systems for distribution. IFS offers this service in 15 European countries and 10 destinations outside of Europe.
This system is recommended for distributing magazines and is very affordable compared to the standard international service.

esempio Postal Direct Entry